About this web site

I have developed this web site to showcase the various works of art which I have been creating using the masters traditions for hand crafted wrought iron. I have also included educational details on how I go about creating artworks which are one-of-a-kind wrought masterpieces for private clients, corporations, and government agencies. You will also find a news blog which I update with some of my latest projects, a video cast which has video documentaries on creating my metal art, a how-to section for aspiring metalsmiths, and a photo albums section for other metal related photos.

Note that even though almost all of the wrought iron metalwork which I produce is custom made for individual clients, I have been receiving many requests from folks like you on the web that see a particular piece which I have made in the past and would love to have one made for themselves. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact me by phone, or email. Have a wonderful visit and stay as long as you like. ENJOY!