Designer Furniture - Dining Table

Designer furniture - wrought iron dining table 

This custom made one-of-a-kind wrought iron dining table was commissioned for a private residence in North Carolina. The client came to the studio one day with a request to design and fabricate a breakfast room dining table which measures 90 inches long by 44 inches wide by 29 inches high. She had been looking everywhere for something she could use in her breakfast room, but could not find a wrought iron table which was large enough to fill the space and which carried her favorite bird - a blue macow parrot.

detail of wrought iron dining table

She showed me pictures of furniture which she liked, sent samples of colors which were used in the breakfast room, and established a budget of $8,000 for the table base. The rest is history and can be viewed in a documentary which I put together entitled "The Making of a Bonsai Tree dining Table."

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decorative wrought iron 

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Apex, North Carolina

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detail of wrought iron blue macaw  
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